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Polyamide Films Encapsulating .0014″ Copper – Shield

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DCS is now selling and stocking 3M467 and 3M468 Acrylic Transfer Adhesives, Please Contact Us for Quotations.

Copper Shielding , Insulated , Cuffed edges or Flat Edges
Copper Shielding , Insulated , Cuffed edges or Flat Edges

DCS-Copper Shielding products have countless applications in the switching power supply transformers industries and other electronic industries, both as winding conductors and for electrostatic and grounding shields. They can be manufactured in a variety of styles. DCS-Copper Shielding is a copper shielding tape that is used as a winding as an conductor. It also provides EMF protection, RFI shielding and acts as a electrostatic and grounding shield.

Why DCS-Copper Shielding vs Others?
All DCS-Copper Shielding product consists of CA#110 Copper Alloy Soft Annealed metal foil is partially or entirely enclosed in insulating film. The materials are combined using our custom laminating process which laminates dielectric, polyester film, metal substrates, as well as to other film materials such as polyimide “Kapton HN ™” film.

DCS-Copper Shielding. Uses UL/CSA approved products from 3M Tapes, Du Pont Nomex Insulation’s, Permacell Tapes, Other Brands available

DCS-Copper Shielding is also great as a flat winding conductor.

DCS-Copper Shielding is completely customizable to single a conductor to mutable conductors to meet your exact requirements .

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100_1368DCS fabricates with Lexan Materials if adhesive is required  we offer 3M adhesives, this parts shows 3M adhesive laminated to Lexan Black Film that is UL/CSA approved that has been precision rotary die cut into viewing covers for electronic equipment.

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3M Adhesive laminated to Lexan and Rotary Die Cut

DCS fabricates with 3M adhesives, this parts shows 3M adhesive laminated to Lexan Clear Film that has been precision rotary die cut into viewing covers for electronic equipment.

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This part shows over 556 holes made to our customers very tight tolerances and was done with steel rule die tooling, a very economical  cost savings over Rotary or Class A tooling.


Precision Steel Rule Die cutting for cost effective tooling

All of DCS steel rule tooling is laser burned and precision knifed to give the highest accuracy to our customers tolerances.

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Die Cutting Solutions is a global leader in providing precision die-cut component parts for customers in the electronics, automotive, and medical industries for around the world,








Die Cutting Solutions engineers partner closely with customers to solve complex manufacturing and assembly problems. We strive to provide customers with quality products and exceptional service at competitive prices.


Solid Rubber

Elastomer materials exhibit a wide range of properties achieved by variations in composition formulas. Proper product selection is critical in most applications.

Sponge and Foam

Sponge and foam exhibit different mechanical and physical properties. Each is available in several densities, as well as polymer variations and chemical compositions.


Die Cutting Solutions fabricates most major categories of plastic films and sheets, including polyester polycarbonate, vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, Teflon®and others. Applications include faceplates, insulators, lenses and shims.

Vulcanized Fibers

Commercial grades of vulcanized fibers are strong, lightweight, tear-resistant materials suitable for a wide variety of electrical and mechanical applications.

Composition Cork/Cork Rubber

Composition cork is lightweight and stable exhibiting compressibility and moisture resistance, while cork rubber is cork bonded to polymeric rubbers and exhibits good oil, fuel, and heat resistance.


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Is  now  fabricating Bergquist Thermal Interface Material. Sil Pad, Gap Pad, Thermally Conductive Adhesives.

 Please contact us for a quotation today! 

Die Cut Sil Pad Thermal Material

The Bergquist Company is a global supplier of thermal interface material with the best-known brands in the business. We have the right thermal management products, touch screen technology, phase change material, and heat seal products for your electronic application.

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Kapton Silicone Tape 1 Mil x 36yd Rolls.

Kapton Silicone Tape


Kapton Tapes, 1 Mil, RoHS Compliant
Technical Datasheet

Kapton Tapes are made from DuPont Kapton™ HN general purpose film with silicon adhesive. They have been used in applications at temperatures as low as -269°C (-452°F) and as high as 400°C (752°F). DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide films have set the industry standard for over 45 years in high performance, reliability and durability, with a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties that withstand extreme temperature, vibration and other demanding environments. Kapton® polyimide films make innovative design solutions possible in a range of industries including consumer electronics, solar photo voltaic and wind energy, aerospace, automotive and industrial applications. Kapton Tapes have a high dielectric strength. Silicon adhesive protection leaves no residue. They conform to MIL-P-46112, TYPE I.
Kapton® is a registered trademark of DuPont


Kapton Tape
Automotive sensor and manifolds
Insulating circuit boards
Fiber Optics Cable
High temperature powder coating
Semiconductor manufacturing
Wave soldering during circuit board assembly

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Yellow or Black Polyester Film, Acrylic Adhesive, 130°C (B) rated, Total thickness .0025″ This tape has a high dielectric strength, great adhesive properties, outstanding heat and solvent resistance, and high tensile strength. Ideal for the construction and insulation of coils, transformers, and various electronic components. Cost effective alternative to 3M-56 3M-1290 or 1350 and Permacel P256 P286 or 3161.

Other Sizes Available upon request.

Please see our Store or E mail us for a quotation.