Die Cutting Solutions Inc Line Card Products

Foams and Rubber

Buna, Cork, EPDM, Neoprene, SPR, Silicone, Poron®, Teflon®, VHB®, Urethane – All With or Without  PSA adhesive backing

Papers & Composites

Quit-T®, Kraft, Fish, Vulcanized Fiber, Rag, Rag/Mylar, Nomex®, Cequin® – Laminated with Polyester, Kapton® Films

Copper Film CA#110 Alloy

CA#110 Alloy soft annealed copper films: from .001″ to .062″ coils and sheets , Please contact us for a quote.

Cuffed Copper Shielding- RFI Shielding

Single and Multi-Conductor Foils Laminated to Polyester, Polyimide, Polymat, Nomex® Insulations – Flat or Cuffed construction

Thermal  Conductive

Sil-Pad – Bergquist®, Chomerics®, Hinkle®, Mica, PSA Thermal Adhesive, Others Available on Request

PSA Adhesive Products

Single and Double sided Transfer Adhesives


Electronic – Industrial : Pressure Sensitive – Polyester Film, Polyimide Film (Kapton®), PTF Film (Teflon®), Cloth, Fiberglass, PVC, Foam, (VHB®) , Foils – Conductive and Non Conductive, Filament, Combinations.


Polyester, Mylar®, Kapton®, PVC, Lexan®, Valox®, Formex® , Polycarbonate

Sleeving & Tubing

Fiberglass – Heat Treated, Dyed, Vinyl, Acrylic or Silicone Extruded Coatings

Heat Shrink PVC & Polyolefin® Extruded PVC, FEP®, TFE®, Mylar®, PTFE,  Kapton®, Nomex®, Mica, Kraft Combinations

(Cut to Length Services Available on Request)