RFI Shielding

Copper Shielding , Insulated , Cuffed edges or Flat Edges
Copper Shielding , Insulated , Cuffed edges or Flat Edges

DCS-Copper Shielding products have countless applications in the switching power supply transformers industries and other electronic industries, both as winding conductors and for electrostatic and grounding shields. They can be manufactured in a variety of styles. DCS-Copper Shielding is a copper shielding tape that is used as a winding as an conductor. It also provides EMF protection, RFI shielding and acts as a electrostatic and grounding shield.

Why DCS-Copper Shielding vs Others?
All DCS-Copper Shielding product consists of CA#110 Copper Alloy Soft Annealed metal foil is partially or entirely enclosed in insulating film. The materials are combined using our custom laminating process which laminates dielectric, polyester film, metal substrates, as well as to other film materials such as polyimide “Kapton HN ™” film.

DCS-Copper Shielding. Uses UL/CSA approved products from 3M Tapes, Du Pont Nomex Insulation’s, Permacell Tapes, Other Brands available

DCS-Copper Shielding is also great as a flat winding conductor.

DCS-Copper Shielding is completely customizable to single a conductor to mutable conductors to meet your exact requirements .